The easy way to match points to boundaries

If your app or website needs to connect UK locations with areas like constituencies or counties, MapIt can save you a lot of time.

MapIt is mature, trusted and widely deployed — and it is designed to fit right into your website or app, quickly and simply.

What is MapIt?

It matches geographic points with areas

Input a postcode, and MapIt knows which constituency, parish, council area it’s in – and lots more.

It’s an API you can call from websites and apps

MapIt’s stable, well documented API makes it easy to integrate into a range of software solutions.

And all with a clear, hassle-free subscription

Signing up is quick and easy, with automatic monthly payments and no lengthy tie-ins. See our pricing plans.

Your user inputs any of these…

  • A UK postcode
  • Their position via GPS
  • A pin on a map
  • An OS grid reference

You show them any of these…

  • Who their MP is
  • Which council is responsible for that area
  • Services available in their neighbourhood
  • The office that serves that region

MapIt API access starts at £20/mth and is free for low-volume non-profit use.

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One-off data mapping. Upload your postcodes and we’ll return them matched to our dataset.

Data mapper

How could you use MapIt?

Show your users what’s available in their area

MapIt can display the nearest branch, office or resources to the user, based on their postcode.

See it in action

Advicelocal gives details of the support available within each user’s local area.

Personalise your campaigning tool

Make your campaigns more powerful, with targeted location-based messaging.

See it in action

Prostate Cancer UK’s site showed what care was available in your own region – then encouraged you to campaign for better.

Match your users to the right part of the web

When different users need sending to different places, MapIt can guide the way.

See it in action

The UK Government uses MapIt to match users with their local council, so they can check on services like recycling or allotment applications.

Want to know more before you sign up?
Read all about MapIt for non-developers.

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