Areas that cover Gloucester 012D

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  1. Gloucestershire County Council

    ID 2226, County council (CTY), England

  2. Gloucester City Council

    ID 2325, District council (DIS), England

  3. South West

    ID 11814, European region (EUR), England

  4. Gloucester 012

    ID 38526, Middle Layer Super Output Area (Full) (OMF), England

  5. Gloucester

    ID 65996, UK Parliament constituency (WMC), England

  6. Tuffley

    ID 143624, County council electoral division (CED), England

    A child of Gloucestershire County Council.

  7. Tuffley

    ID 148472, District council ward (DIW), England

    A child of Gloucester City Council.

  8. Gloucestershire

    ID 148953, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), England

  9. Gloucester

    ID 163628, Travel to Work Areas (TTW), England