Areas that cover Wainfelin

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  1. Torfaen Council

    ID 2616, Unitary Authority (UTA), Wales

  2. Wales

    ID 11813, European region (EUR), Wales

  3. Torfaen

    ID 66104, UK Parliament constituency (WMC), Wales

  4. South Wales East

    ID 144306, Senedd region (WAE), Wales

  5. Torfaen

    ID 148021, Senedd constituency (WAC), Wales

    A child of South Wales East.

  6. Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

    ID 148980, Welsh Local Health Board (WLHB), Wales

  7. Pen Tranch Community

    ID 151503, Civil parish/community (CPC), Wales

    A child of Torfaen Council.

  8. Newport

    ID 163718, Travel to Work Areas (TTW), -