Areas that cover The Shore and Constitution Street - 03

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  1. City of Edinburgh Council

    ID 2651, Unitary Authority (UTA), Scotland

  2. Edinburgh North and Leith

    ID 14420, UK Parliament constituency (WMC), Scotland

  3. Edinburgh Northern and Leith

    ID 134937, Scottish Parliament constituency (SPC), Scotland

    A child of Lothian.

  4. Lothian

    ID 135007, Scottish Parliament region (SPE), Scotland

  5. Lothian

    ID 148991, Scottish Health Board (SHB), Scotland

  6. Leith

    ID 151194, Unitary Authority ward (UTW) (UTW), Scotland

    A child of City of Edinburgh Council.

  7. The Shore and Constitution Street

    ID 162692, Middle Layer Super Output Area (Full) (OMF), Scotland

  8. Edinburgh

    ID 163747, Travel to Work Areas (TTW), Scotland