Areas overlapping Kincorth, Leggart and Nigg South

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  1. Aberdeenshire Council

    ID 2648, Unitary Authority (UTA), Scotland

  2. Aberdeen City Council

    ID 2650, Unitary Authority (UTA), Scotland

  3. Aberdeen South

    ID 14399, UK Parliament constituency (WMC), Scotland

  4. West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine

    ID 14455, UK Parliament constituency (WMC), Scotland

  5. Aberdeen South and North Kincardine

    ID 134988, Scottish Parliament constituency (SPC), Scotland

    A child of North East Scotland.

  6. North East Scotland

    ID 135012, Scottish Parliament region (SPE), Scotland

  7. Grampian

    ID 148987, Scottish Health Board (SHB), Scotland

  8. North Kincardine

    ID 151430, Unitary Authority ward (UTW) (UTW), Scotland

    A child of Aberdeenshire Council.

  9. Kincorth/Nigg/Cove

    ID 151433, Unitary Authority ward (UTW) (UTW), Scotland

    A child of Aberdeen City Council.

  10. Aberdeen

    ID 163735, Travel to Work Areas (TTW), Scotland