Areas touching Wiltshire Council

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  1. Gloucestershire County Council

    ID 2226, County council (CTY), England

  2. Hampshire County Council

    ID 2227, County council (CTY), England

  3. Oxfordshire County Council

    ID 2237, County council (CTY), England

  4. Somerset County Council

    ID 2239, County council (CTY), England

  5. Cotswold District Council

    ID 2322, District council (DIS), England

  6. New Forest District Council

    ID 2328, District council (DIS), England

  7. Test Valley Borough Council

    ID 2332, District council (DIS), England

  8. Vale of White Horse District Council

    ID 2417, District council (DIS), England

  9. Mendip District Council

    ID 2428, District council (DIS), England

  10. South Somerset District Council

    ID 2430, District council (DIS), England

  11. Bath and North East Somerset Council

    ID 2551, Unitary Authority (UTA), England

  12. South Gloucestershire Council

    ID 2608, Unitary Authority (UTA), England

  13. Swindon Borough Council

    ID 2612, Unitary Authority (UTA), England

  14. West Berkshire Council

    ID 2619, Unitary Authority (UTA), England

  15. Dorset Council

    ID 152225, Unitary Authority (UTA), England