Areas that cover Ewerby and Evedon

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  1. Lincolnshire County Council

    ID 2232, County council (CTY), England

  2. North Kesteven District Council

    ID 2383, District council (DIS), England

  3. East Midlands

    ID 11805, European region (EUR), England

  4. Kirkby la Thorpe and South Kyme

    ID 17102, District council ward (DIW), England

    A child of North Kesteven District Council.

  5. Sleaford and North Hykeham

    ID 65920, UK Parliament constituency (WMC), England

  6. South West Lincolnshire

    ID 148844, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), England

  7. Heckington

    ID 150918, County council electoral division (CED), England

    A child of Lincolnshire County Council.