Areas that cover Cudworth

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  1. Somerset County Council

    ID 2239, County council (CTY), England

  2. South Somerset District Council

    ID 2430, District council (DIS), England

  3. South Somerset 024

    ID 39977, Middle Layer Super Output Area (Full) (OMF), England

  4. Yeovil

    ID 65935, UK Parliament constituency (WMC), England

  5. South Somerset 024D

    ID 95371, Lower Layer Super Output Area (Full) (OLF), England

  6. Ilminster

    ID 143774, County council electoral division (CED), England

    A child of Somerset County Council.

  7. Windwhistle

    ID 152734, District council ward (DIW), England

    A child of South Somerset District Council.

  8. Yeovil

    ID 163712, Travel to Work Areas (TTW), England

  9. NHS Somerset CCG

    ID 163911, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), England