Areas covering the point (-2.316667,53.5)

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  1. Claremont

    ID 9254, Metropolitan district ward (MTW), England

    A child of Salford City Council.

  2. Manchester

    ID 163658, Travel to Work Areas (TTW), England

  3. NHS Salford CCG

    ID 163907, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), England

  4. North West

    ID 11807, European region (EUR), England

  5. Salford 018

    ID 35053, Middle Layer Super Output Area (Full) (OMF), England

  6. Salford 018C

    ID 71767, Lower Layer Super Output Area (Full) (OLF), England

  7. Salford and Eccles

    ID 65688, UK Parliament constituency (WMC), England

  8. Salford City Council

    ID 2534, Metropolitan district (MTD), England