Areas covering the point (-2.97,56.463889)

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  1. Dundee City Council

    ID 2573, Unitary Authority (UTA), Scotland

  2. Dundee City West

    ID 134944, Scottish Parliament constituency (SPC), Scotland

    A child of North East Scotland.

  3. Dundee East

    ID 14412, UK Parliament constituency (WMC), Scotland

  4. Maryfield

    ID 20684, Unitary Authority ward (UTW) (UTW), Scotland

    A child of Dundee City Council.

  5. North East Scotland

    ID 135012, Scottish Parliament region (SPE), Scotland

  6. Scotland

    ID 11808, European region (EUR), Scotland

  7. Tayside

    ID 148994, Scottish Health Board (SHB), Scotland