E5 0DR


  1. Greater London Authority

    ID 2247, Greater London Authority (GLA), England

  2. Hackney 015

    ID 34238, Middle Layer Super Output Area (Full) (OMF), England

  3. Hackney 015D

    ID 67932, Lower Layer Super Output Area (Full) (OLF), England

  4. Hackney Borough Council

    ID 2508, London borough (LBO), England

  5. Hackney South and Shoreditch

    ID 65752, UK Parliament constituency (WMC), England

  6. Hackney, unparished area

    ID 165000, Non-civil parished area (NCP), England

  7. King's Park

    ID 144389, London borough ward (LBW), England

    A child of Hackney Borough Council.

  8. London

    ID 163653, Travel to Work Areas (TTW), England

  9. London

    ID 164863, English Region (ER), England

  10. NHS City and Hackney CCG

    ID 163860, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), England

  11. North East

    ID 11824, London Assembly constituency (LAC), England

    A child of Greater London Authority.

  12. House of Commons

    ID 900000, UK Parliament (WMP), -

  13. London Assembly

    ID 900002, London Assembly area (shared) (LAE), England

    A child of London Assembly.

  14. London Assembly

    ID 900006, London Assembly area (LAS), England