MapIt is an API. Your product or service can call the MapIt API to discover which boundaries a geographical point lies within. This look-up of a single point is what we term an “API call”. And our pricing tiers are based on the number of calls you can make per month.



Limited key-less access, perfect for trying out the MapIt API before you buy.

  • Max 50 calls per day
  • Free – no signup required
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A great place to start if you’re integrating MapIt into a low traffic site.

  • Max 10,000 calls per month
  • Free for charitable users
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Super popular with heavy users like councils and government departments.

  • Unlimited calls
  • 50% off for charitable users
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All our prices include VAT. We consider “charitable users” to be registered charities or individuals working unpaid on non-profit projects – you will be asked for proof of charitable status during signup.

Average of 1 call per second. Contact us if you’re going to need to be really busy.